Disclaimer for BoomEssays

Once a customer places an order on BoomEssays, he or she accepts, with no exceptions, all of the conditions that we have presented in this disclaimer:

Product Use: Each of the essays, samples or examples of writing, research, studies or content you receive from BoomEssays are not meant to be presented as a personal work, published or used for anything other than personal information for research. Our content will not be used to earn money or for personal gain in a business without proper credits.

Customer Contact: Each client has the obligation of providing their contact information to BoomEssays so that they can be contacted at every time. BoomEssays will not be held responsible if the contact details are inaccurate, or if a delay or failure in the delivery took place due to the inability to communicate with the customer.

Cancelling an Order: A customer has the right to cancel an order after he or she has already made the payment, as long as they are aware that certain conditions will be put in action:

  • A customer will be refunded based on how much work has already been done on the order until the moment of the cancellation. If the customer’s order has been forwarded to a writer, the refund will be calculated according to the progress of the order.
  • If a customer decides to ask for a refund, he or she will have the opportunity of using it for a future order for BoomEssays.

Using Resource Materials: When they are starting an order, all of our writers will go through the material or information requested by the customer. Upon doing so, they will choose the information that is the most relevant to their chosen topic. If the writer is unable to find or access a source that is needed for the project, our customers will have to choose from two options:

  • The customer will personally provide the necessary information, uploading it on their account page and making it available to our writers.
  • The customer will have to pay an additional fee which will be used to acquire that certain piece of information.

If the client is late or unable to provide the information needed to complete the work, BoomEssays will not be held responsible for any lateness in delivery or inability to provide the final product.

Customer Instructions: Upon placing an order on BoomEssays, each client will have to provide all of the instructions needed to complete the work. If any new piece of information becomes available, all customers will have to contact the writer immediately and inform him or her of the changes. The customer will have to do so as quickly as possible, lest the product might be delayed.

Clause on Plagiarism: All of the writers stationed at BoomEssays are obliged by their contract to provide only original, non-plagiarized work. Upon the completion of every product, the company will include a plagiarism scan along with the product. If a customer discovers that their paper is, in any way, plagiarized, BoomEssays will offer a free revision.

Technological Issues: BoomEssays holds no responsibility if the customer undergoes technical issues or difficulties, electronic failures of a faulty Internet connection.

Payment of the Order: Upon reading this disclaimer, the client is fully aware and accepts the fact that placing an order on BoomEssays means providing their permission to charge their credit card for the appropriate payment of the order.

Clause on Delivery Delays: When BoomEssays accepts an order from a customer, they also accept the deadline requested by the client along with the promise to meet it according to possibilities. However, our company will not be held responsible for any delays that may occur based on the following circumstances:

  • If the customer does not offer the necessary contact information or if they fail to respond to any of our requests, BoomEssays will not be held responsible for any delays, nor will we be able to provide you with a refund.
  • If the information a customer has provided is nor verifiable and the customer does not immediately respond with the verifications, your order will not be commenced.
  • If a customer requests drastic changes in the instructions once the writer has already begun working on the order, any responsibility regarding delays in delivery will not be held by BoomEssays.

Academic Level of the Customer: The customer is held fully responsible for providing their correct academic level upon placing an order. Failure to do so will attract additional fees.

Support Staff: Our customer service will be available for you 24/7, and will transmit any problems you may have to the support staff.

Binding Laws: The customer is responsible for any laws and customs regarding their state/country/territory regarding the use of materials purchased online.

Privacy Policy: The customer is entitled to full privacy on BoomEssays and none of his pieces of information will be revealed to outside sources. Our use of cookies will be used only to improve your experience on our website.

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