Revision Policy

Revision Policy

Our primary aim as a custom writing company is to provide expert assistance to students in their academic assignments, covering a broad range of subjects of all complexity levels. Customer satisfaction is one of the primary variables that lie at the root of our business. On that account, each customer can depend on the fact that every order is delivered with increased attention to detail and maximal responsibility. The guidelines we receive from each client are always considered upon project completion, as we reckon that our customers expect us to deliver the highest quality only.

As we recognize that there are instances in which a customer may inquire a range of changes for a given assignment, we provide the following options:

  1. In the case in which your revision request doesn’t imply additional changes that weren’t mentioned in the initial order, we will complete the required revisions free of charge.
  2. It’s mandatory to communicate us your correction request within 14 days after your order was delivered. During this time, each customer can attentively examine the quality of the paper, and see whether the result is gratifying or not. You should transmit your revision request to our Customer Support Department, by using our live chat, e-mail, or by phone. If you submit a request after the 14-day term, you’ll have to pay an additional fee.
  3. In the scenario in which your revision request involves aspects that weren’t mentioned in the original order, you’ll be required to pay extra. Get acquainted with the instances in which you’ll need to pay extra:
  • Once the writer has started writing the assignment, and the client alters the initial instructions communicated initially.
  • In the instance in which the client’s instructions are different from the original instructions – for example, if one asks an additional number of pages, particular research sources, or information, these aspects will determine the price growth. We will communicate the additional charges to the customer.
  • If you send us your revision request in two hours’ time once you’ve placed your order, you won’t have to pay extra for the change, even if you’ve missed including some instructions at first.
  • If your project involves doing extra research on a given subject, and we don’t have access to those sources, you, as a client, are expected to facilitate our access to those sources.
  • If you are unable to supply us with the necessary resources for completing your project, we will utilize the sources that are most relevant to your order. If you fail to provide us with the needed resources, we may make the purchase on your behalf. Notwithstanding, in this scenario, the customer is required to cover the costs of purchase.

After having read the information explained above, you might consider that our revision policy is a complex one, which is linked to additional expenses. However, since we are a reliable custom writing company, our primary objective is to ensure that our customers are, in all cases, content with the results we provide them with. On that account, in the position of a trusted writing company, we provide you with free revisions in the enumerated scenarios:

  • If your original guidelines weren’t taken into account by our writer, regardless of the fact that you have communicated them clearly from the beginning.
  • In the case in which the revision request is transmitted within the 14 days timespan, after having sent you the last draft. If you have a lengthy, more complex project, the customer is expected to settle an increased amount of time for benefiting from his/her free revision.

In the instance in which you want to request a correction to your project, you have to follow the next steps:

  • Transmit your choice to our Customer Support Department. You may choose to contact our customer support via e-mail, live chat or phone. Bear in mind that you should consider the time limit for communicating your request.
  • We always require our clients to communicate their revision requests in writing, in spite of the way in which you contact our customer support.

All in all, our top priority as a legit writing company is to ensure our clients’ complete satisfaction with our services. This is a principle we consider responsibly in all scenarios when dealing with all kinds of projects. On that account, we take into account each customer’s strict instructions, especially when it comes to revisions.

You can always benefit from our free revisions if you respect the parameters disclosed in the introductory paragraphs. If you have any concerns, questions, or doubts, you can effortlessly contact us – we’ll openly discuss with you the source of your concern. We are eager to supply you with excellent content, and we’ll work with you until the project meets your expectations, and there’s nothing left you would like to change on your paper. This principle lies at the foundation of our top custom writing company!

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