Admission Essay

Posted: April 24, 2018

Admission Essay

            Getting an opportunity to be part of the UNC Kenan-Flagler will be like a dream come true. I plan to enhance my interaction with the education faculty as well as my classmates in order to obtain more skills and knowledge related to the MBA course I will do. I believe that some of my professional and personal experiences place me in a better place in comparison to the other students. First, I possess strong teaching skills which I realized while working at RIET as a lecturer in the Department of Electronics and Communications. I taught different Information and Technology (IT) relate units, especially Design and Algorithms as well as JAVA. All the 120 students were weak in using computers and working with various programs from the start. I decided that I may help other students to improve their scores and skills in IT, and in order to do that I gave them the assignments in which they, with time, learnt to use the computer tools. By the end of the semester, three-quarter of the students attained the 100% passing rate. I did not only realize my ability to be a teacher, but I also improved the level of  my confidence which would permit me to communicate and interact freely with other students at the University.

            Through my career, I have also learnt to be innovative: I have been able to prove this with the experience I gained from the Gulfstream Company. On my arrival, most of the departments were unaware of the tools needed to complete key plans, and this slowed down the number of projects the company received. In order to improve the situation, my colleagues and I decided to talk with the senior Vice President regarding the need to create new database and designs that would establish a fast network within the departments. This goal was achieved by the end of the year and our department got a chance to supervise and review 4 important projects. The experience made me realize my innovative potential: I will be able to come up with new ideas at the University and I will share them freely with my classmates. I believe that would facilitate and improve our cooperation and be beneficial for both sides.

            My effective personal traits have also shaped my choice of career which will enable me stand out from other students. I am a team builder who ensures that all individuals in a group participate in the proses and are on the places they should be. While working at Nestle, I noticed that there is no proper communication channel that eases sharing of ideas in the company. I decided to involve my colleagues in the development of a template that could permit easy communication among the employees. Since I headed the group, I had to work hand in hand with the rest to make the right decisions. The program gained success and the developed template helped the senior leadership members and project managers to track the project progress without any information getting lost, besides it saved a significant amount of time. With this experience, I developed leadership and teamwork skills. I believe that these skills will give me an upper hand in dealing with other students.