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Posted: April 24, 2018

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Personal Statement

Since my childhood, life has thrown me challenges that have made me turn out stronger and self-sufficient. I was born in a middle-class home with parents who were professionals with busy schedules and many out of town journeys. This situation left me unattended for most of the time. When my younger brother was born, I took care of him while my parents devoted most of their time to work. When my mother’s friend passed away after a short battle with cancer of the gallbladder, I also became a part guardian to her children during my school days, helping them with their homework. It was when I discovered that I was passionate about sharing knowledge.  Since then, I began to learn how to take care of someone else other than myself. Due to my parent’s work commitments, my brother and I spent most of our childhood around relatives from the extended family from whom I learnt teamwork and observation skills. Even though we lived in a city, we had to struggle for basic commodities such as water. I particularly remember waking up at 4 a.m. These hardships exposed me to tough life experiences from which I learnt to evolve and emerge successfully.

One thing kept me going on, despite the challenges. I imagined the kind of lifestyle that my uncle led in the USA. I wanted the luxurious life for my family. He always invited me to come over, but I had no idea about how I would survive. I always wanted to become an engineer but faced a lot of discouragement from my extended family members who thought that I would make a better doctor, since my uncle worked in this profession. However, I paid no attention to them, sticking to my desire. At the time I joined an undergraduate engineering program, my cousin started an IT company, which taught me many lessons, working in different situations with various people. I devoted my entire off-school time to work at the company, which would take up most of my evenings and weekends. It was practically my first home after school, providing an experimenting ground for the skills I had learnt in school, which helped grow the company. Soon enough, I started working on small projects for the private firms, and with time, we began to bid for government ones. It was an exhilarating experience to have helped form a company and grown it to such an extent. More rewarding was to think that I had succeeded in handling the pressure from the customers and their projects.

My mother is the most influential person in my life. She is hardworking, dedicated, and supportive. Both of my parents respected my decisions, including my choice for a career. When I joined college, they were able to sponsor my undergraduate program without the need for loans, and I am now supporting my brother through his master’s education.

I love travelling. My family went for several trips within India. My first international experience was coming to the United States. Since I am fluent in Hindi (native), English, and Rajasthan, I have not encountered any communication problem in all the places I visited.

I would like to become a senior ERP production support workstation manager within the Aerospace industry, or Nestle, Lockheed Martin, within the next two to three years. In this position, I expect to manage departmental teams, production and customer support and improve the quality/customer service for our clients. The biggest realization for me is that my MBA will help my company through me to sustain and focus on customer satisfaction. I also have experience working in the manufacturing and supply chain industry, something that is transferrable wherever I go. In the long term, I plan to start my business (IT sector) and manage it efficiently using the knowledge that I will gain in operation and customer service.

My driving factors that push me to my career include my determination and striving to make things happen, the ability to network effectively, and hardworking, traits which enabled me to help with the expansion of my cousin’s company. My work experience entails teaching at a college, at IBM promoting educational products, Nestle as a continental business intelligence manager, Dart as a BI and data analyst developer, and Gulfstream as a functional and reporting specialist. I believe that they will be instrumental in my MBA program. I expect to develop intense business knowledge in management, finance, and operations, enhance my networking skills and the ability to think strategically, analytically, and quantitatively. I also hope to gain resilience and a global mindset.