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Case Assignment


February 04, 2016

This job was revised and I want to make sure that writer #20493 gets their credit for cleaning up someone else's incomplete and sloppy work. This writer clearly followed all directions and guidelines set forth in the paper including references that were American and no more that 7 years old. Fantastic job! I am well pleased at the outcome.Excellent paper!

Oedipus Rex - Blindness - "There are none so blind as those who will not see."


January 27, 2016

Writer 2163 did a wonderful job and worked with me when I had things to be tweaked. I would highly recommend this writer to my friends. Thank you.

Has behavior intervention affected High Functioning Autistic (HFA) children in the educational classroom setting?

Research Paper

January 25, 2016




January 25, 2016


Leadership Style: How are leaders Leading in the 21st Century

Research Paper

January 18, 2016


Harrison Bergeron


January 12, 2016

Can you add more analysis, please? That's all it's really lacking. Thanks.

How do you want to contribute to Law school (name)

Admission essay

January 07, 2016

sentences are phrased much better and the overall structure is much easier to read. Thank you!

Knowledge and Technology in Frankenstein and the Monster’s life.


January 05, 2016

Not too bad, but I got B/B- like that. Thanks writer.

What can we learn from others


December 22, 2015

There were some grammatical mistakes but nothing that I couldn't fix easily.

compare 2 ethical frameworks


December 19, 2015

I got a 2.7 in this paper.

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