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Organizational Design


January 11, 2017

Great Job.

Business Law Memorandum


January 03, 2017

GRADING CRITERIA: CONTENT: 70/55 WRITTEN COMMUNICATION: 25/24 FORMAT: 5/5 TOTAL 100/84 COMMENTS: Somewhat vague and cursory. Needed to identify and fully discuss all the possible business types, compare and contrast them weigh the pros and cons of each and then determine the best fit for our facts. Likewise regarding IC agreements. Since it is the IRS that must be satisfied, look to it for guidance and specifics. Thank you so much!!

Leader Analysis Paper


January 01, 2017




December 31, 2016

I got an "A"!!! This was a great paper with a 100% originality rating! Thanks!

is the body culturally diciplined


December 18, 2016

he is a good writer, but the content itself didn't show that he spent time understanding the topic as some of the statements were not correct. also he missed out some of they key requirements I stated in the brief. overall, good English but week content.

Chapter 14 responses


December 13, 2016

Excellent quality paper and it was finished very quickly. Thank you so much.

Three different sections of responses


December 11, 2016

Thank you for the paper.

Application(8) serial offender-Aileen Wuornos


December 10, 2016

I had to some tweaking but got an A

1. Describe the main characteristics of immigration during each of the three phases of globalization in the history of capitalism. Explain how demographic changes in developed countries, as well as immigration, currently effect labour markets. Suggest possible ways for lessening the impact of demographic changes and, in particular, assess critically the role that technology could play.


December 04, 2016

I would like other writer to be assigned to amend an essay. I attached 12 pages, reference list not included, but can be seen in the document uploaded by the writer. There are several grammar mistakes, not clear conclusion and page 7 repeats what was on page 6. Also 3000 words is a MAXIMUM, can't be more then that, number of pages not so important. Originally i uploaded the document with writing criteria and some explanation, please refer to it.

Climate Change

Research Paper

December 02, 2016


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