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Security Assessment

Power Point presentation

October 05, 2017

Amazing Job!

Is there a clear dichotomy between what is “law” and “not law?” Abbott and others offer a more nuanced approach that focuses on the degree to which a rule or norm is “legalized.” What are the variables that Abbott believes controls the degree of legalization of a norm? Did he and his coauthors get the variables right, or are there better ones?


September 27, 2017

To the point and as requested

The Spanish Conquistadors


September 24, 2017

The essay was not delivered to the time specifications (originally discussed and paid for). The real measure of success will be the final grade on the essay. This is TBD. I have had to adjust the essay a bit to fit the proper format of the essay. For example, the headings and title page are not required. A bibliography is required - this was not done by the writer and should have been completed by him/her. Overall, a good foundation and solid points in support of the topic.

Academic accounting research

Research Paper

September 11, 2017

I have to add some additional details.

Healthcare Quality


September 03, 2017

on time

BUSI 600 Part 3 Reply - Laquetta 14.6


August 31, 2017

good work

Essay #4


June 16, 2017

great service.



May 14, 2017

Considering they only had 2 days, the standard was pretty good. The sources used were of good quality as was grammar and structure. There lots of short sentences rather than a more cohesive, connected structure and it sometimes lacked clear and relevant evidence/citations. Was late by about 10 hours but luckily I gained an extension to the work. Overall though, satisfied with the outcome. It was a big help during a very hard time of my Dad being ill.

Civilty Statement


May 10, 2017

Great Job. Thank you

Government Roles and Emergency Management


May 09, 2017

Great work, thanks!

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