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Adequate sleep- lit review


June 27, 2017

50/50 great job

Organizational Learning Discussion Questions


June 27, 2017

Great work! Thank you!

Apply the theoretical perspectives, queer theory, to the Russian GAYROPA play “a Little Hero” by Valeriy Pecheykin. Pick one or two themes/aspects/performances (the representation of men in the play) from your topic to focus on, and analyse these through the theoretical perspective (Queer Theory).

UK Essay

June 21, 2017

Fantastic piece of work, well written and on time

effects of the physical environment during the design process


June 18, 2017

good work

Discussion of Cat on hot tin roof and references of charcter types


June 16, 2017

well done article

Lyric Examination on Race


June 08, 2017

The essay was written exceptionally well! Thank you so much!!


Term Paper

May 09, 2017

Thank you soo much

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