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Hist551 Week 3 - Paper Proposal


June 20, 2018

Contraception Treatments


June 17, 2018

Should DACA get Federal help for College?

Annotated bibliography

June 16, 2018

need revision and the MLA format was not up to date as their are different formats for magazines, documents , reports etc

Hist551 responses


June 15, 2018

special education in today school systems


June 12, 2018


Obama Care is it ab effective health insurance solution for the health insurance crisis in America?Discuss the Background, Current issue and how it will affect health insurers and availability of health care. How much ( more/Less) does it cost individuals, employers and tax payers?

Research Paper

June 06, 2018

great essay

Reflection Summary

Research summary

June 05, 2018

The ransomware Threat

Case study

May 28, 2018

Provided information required and received excellent feedback from Professor.

Benefits of Recycling


May 27, 2018


Instruct-(IT 6)-APP Technology and Cyber-Bullying


May 23, 2018

good job..except on et al...you are suppose to list all authors on the 1st reference and then can use et al for all future references in a paper.

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