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You need to write a news article, and you don’t know how to do it. Or, you have done this several times before, but you just can get it right, and your pieces of writing keep being rejected. What are the keys to writing a successful news article? Maybe the following pieces of advice are not a secret for you, but you just omitted them. When drafting the next paper, try to consider them.

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Things to Consider When Writing News Article

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  • Catch the attention with an outstanding headline

The title is the first thing a reader will see, even if he/she didn’t access the news article yet. If the visitor likes it or considers it interesting, he/she will click on it, being eager to read the entire article. Otherwise, the readers won’t access it, which means that they won’t read it, either. Therefore, the headline is decisive when it comes to the success of your paper.

  • Get to the point in the first paragraph

Don’t waste your readers’ time with fluff content and information that has nothing to do with your topic. Nowadays, everyone is simply too busy to read a long or boring introduction to a news article. If the first paragraph doesn’t seem to be worth the effort of reading it, a person will automatically believe that the rest of the article is just the same. Consequently, you are required to start your article with a paragraph that reveals in a few sentences the most important aspects of the events.

  • Write only relevant information

The information you have to include in this type of paper must be pertinent and reliable. When thinking of the details you have to mention, don’t forget the rule of the 5 Ws: who, what, when, where, why. Another question that your piece of writing must answer to is “how”.

  • Don’t skip the emotional part

A good news article must include some emotional elements that touch the heart of its readers. Of course, the report still has to be informative and relevant, but you are advised to go with some emotions, too, so that your readers can relate to the story and understand it better. Showing the human side of your story doesn’t mean that you will transform it in a novel, just that you would make it much easier for the others to link to it.

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