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If you need to write a press release, and you have to do this for the first time in your life, then your answer to this question may be discouraging. Anything new is challenging at first, and it requires time and work. But what if you have already written a multitude of similar articles, but without the expected results? In these circumstances, it is reasonable to ask yourself: “what do I do wrong?”

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What to Do When Writing a Press Release

Let’s see how you can improve your writing so that you can create a successful article.

  • Create an Effective Headline

If you aim to impress a journalist or to make hm/her read your story, then you need an outstanding headline. This is the first thing that anyone sees, and if he or she finds it interesting, the chances of success are boosted considerably. Therefore, invest in a catchy title. After writing the entire article, take your time to think about the headline. It must be representative for your piece of writing, but it also must be catchy.

  • Make your top line the first line

When you send an e-mail with your press release, even though the journalist does not open it, he or she can still read the first line. This is deciding for the further of your e-mail, so try creating an effective line. Our recommendation is to use your top line as the first line.

What Not to Do When Writing a Press Release

  • Use fancy language

If your topic doesn’t ask it, don’t use fancy language. Of course, you may be proud that your vocabulary is vast and includes words that not all the people can comprehend, but you are writing for these people. You need to make yourself understood and gain the attention of your audience. You can’t do this if you make them feel inferior.

  • Write long paragraphs

A press release should be divided into short sections, which are easy to read. If you start creating long and elaborate paragraphs, your readers will get discouraged only by seeing them. Moreover, writing the entire article as a huge body paragraph and then adding a small introduction and a conclusion is a regrettable mistake.

  • Talk about events that are not newsworthy

Not all the events are newsworthy, and you must be aware of this. Accepting this situation is one of the keys to creating effective press releases. Otherwise, you may risk investing in articles that have no value for the publisher, and then end up disappointed.

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