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When you present a dissertation, most of the professors won’t be able to read the entire thesis, but the abstract is the section that they surely won’t miss. This is why writing a successful abstract is a must for any thesis. In order to write an abstract that meets your professors’ expectations, you need to understand first what this chapter implies.

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Tips on Writing an Effective Abstract

An abstract is a summary of the whole dissertation, usually included at the beginning of your piece of writing. This section must set accurate expectations and reveal the most significant aspects presented in your thesis. Here are a few tips you should consider when creating this section:

  • Pay attention to the required length

Generally speaking, the length of a Master thesis abstract is about 150 words, while this chapter has to count around 350 words for Doctoral dissertation. The best option is to ask your instructor the required length in your case, as universities may set different rules from one to another. However, it is clear that an abstract should not too long.

  • Provide answer to several significant questions

If you want to set accurate expectations and present a summary of your topic, without talking about unimportant aspects, try to answer a few important questions related to your dissertation. For instance, ask yourself: why did I do this study? What were my purposes? What methods did I use? What did I find? What is the importance of my results?

  • Never refer to information that is not in your dissertation

Creating an abstract means to ‘summarize the summary’ of your thesis, which means that you should include only the most essential things from your dissertation. A huge mistake is to refer to information that cannot be found in the document. Avoid giving your audience the impression that your thesis covers information it doesn’t contain.

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