Dissertation Introduction

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The introductory chapter of your dissertation is of primordial importance, being the very first thing your instructor reads. Additionally, the incipient section is the one that introduces the reader to the topic you have chosen for your dissertation. You should aim at informing the reader about your paper’s highlights. Of course, it goes without saying that you should convince the reader that you are genuinely interested in the topic.

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Dissertation – Introduction Chapter

You should also include the primary questions you plan on answering in your dissertation discussion chapter. As such an assignment isn’t a piece of cake, nor is composing an excellent introduction. That’s why a typical question might emerge – what steps should I take to write a persuasive dissertation introduction?

Steps to writing a compelling dissertation introduction

The beginning of every paper should be excellently written. The introduction is a brief insight into the style of the entire paper, and the reader should be able to grasp the approach chosen, and determine whether the paper is worth reading or not. The stakes are high, aren’t they? However, as with every introduction, each student should convey this initial phase as essential for crafting a flawless dissertation.

Not to mention that beginnings are typically discouraging, perhaps you’ve already re-written your introduction for several times, and you’ve been dissatisfied with the result. You know that the opening chapter is the most important assignment you have to write and it should be excellent, but somehow you cannot write something that meets your expectations. Because most students experience this, here is a range of fundamental guidelines you should factor in for crafting a compelling dissertation introduction:

  • Begin with writing a compelling, powerful phrase, which should outline the style and approach of the paper. Concurrently, bear in mind that the introduction is your chance of grasping the attention of your reader.
  • Craft a brief, to the point outline of your work. Still, don’t give out too many details about the theme and aspects highlighted in the paper. By doing so, you’ll give everything away, and the reader won’t keep on reading your work. An example would be to include the work methods you embraced, but under no circumstances should you add the results.
  • Steer clear of using elaborate citations at this phase. Citations should be added in the discussion chapter.
  • If you cannot prove the reliability of certain affirmations, it’s best you don’t include them.
  • Adopt a clear style of writing, and make sure that the language and style you use are appropriate for your academic level.

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