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A literature review is a crucial part of your dissertation. It’s the backbone which holds your thesis together, helping you along the way as you’re writing the paper which will get your degree. The reason why it’s so important for you to have it there is that it presents an analysis of the primary sources you will use for your paper.

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The Art of Writing a Literature Review

Many students don’t have the necessary knowledge or time to get this done, which is why a writing service such as BoomEssays.com can be so convenient. Many students decide against writing the literature review of their dissertation and just dive into the proposal or the first chapter. However, you need to identify, review and organize all of the information you have in every source; otherwise, you will not be able to organize your proposal and the following chapters properly.

At the same time, a literature review is NOT a summary. It should be formed of an evaluation and an analysis of your material, leading the conclusion from a general area to a much more specific one.

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If you came to a standstill with your literature review, then your lucky stars are shining upon you. BoomEssays.com staff has been aiding students in their quest for a degree for a few years now. They know exactly what it takes to write a literature review, and will do the following on yours:

  • Identify the materials needed on empirical and theoretical levels.
  • Identify and retrieve sources that are necessary for your paper.
  • Find the appropriate primary sources for your questions/hypothesis.
  • Identify and extract the primary sources which will be necessary for your variables.
  • Identify the relevant information and offer a professional review for each of them.
  • Cross-reference the information as it associates to your topic.

Even if you already have your literature review, we can still review it for you to ensure that it’s as best as it can be. BoomEssays.com has you covered!

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