Compare and Contrast Essay

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It is needless to say that students have to deal with a broad array of academic tasks every day. However, some of them are not very common, so that they can be a real challenge even for the best students.

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Compare and Contrast Essay – A Challenging Task

Such an example is a compare and contrast essay, a paper that is not often assigned. If you have to deal with such an article for the first time and have no idea how it should look like, you may want some help. Fortunately, you are not the first one in this situation. Because more and more people are searching for help online, the Internet is filled with tips for creating an effective compare and contrast essay. Moreover, you can also find numerous academic writing companies that can offer you professional assistance, just like

Essential Tips for Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay

Even though this kind of essay may be harder to write than other papers because it requires more time and effort, the following tips will help you to create a successful one.

  • Pick at least two subjects that can be compared and contrasted

If your instructors don't provide any requirements, there is no rule about how you should choose your subjects. You just have to go for topics that are comparable and contrasted. This means that you can go with two things from the same category, such as organic and non-organic strawberries, or from two totally different fields, but still have something in common. Also, you can opt for a book vs. movie essay.

  • Make a list of similarities and differences

Before writing your paper, think of as many differences and similarities as you can and note them down. Divide a piece of paper into two sections, and compare your subjects by writing what makes them similar in one field, and the differences in the other field. Then, decide which of them are the most significant and why they should be included in your essay.

  • Use lots of transition words

When trying to connect a subject to another one, in order to highlight a similarity or difference, you can help your audience pay attention to this by using a transition word or phrase. For instance, after describing a characteristic of the first subject, when you want to say what makes the second one different, you can use “on the other hand.” Other examples of transitions are: similarly, likewise, in the same way, in contrast, conversely, whereas, and by way of contrast.

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