Multiple Choice Questions ( Time-framed and non-time-framed)

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Without fear of contradiction, the following scenario is the sheer definition of your academic life: you spend hours studying a material; you are acquainted with the content. You’d do a fantastic job at composing an excellent essay on the subject, but, out of nowhere, your teacher gives you a multiple-choice test.

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Learn How to Tackle Multiple Choice Questions

Even though these assignments may look easier, as opposed to writing an essay from scratch, many students encounter a range of difficulties. You have never been an expert at none of these standardized tests you have taken throughout high school. On the contrary, you are the type of student who loves composing a top-notch essay; you get it together and manage to impress your teacher.

The challenges behind multiple choice questions – time framed and non-time framed

The primary challenge when it comes to this kind of assignment is the following: at first, an answer seems to be 100 accurate, but you instantly change your mind and assume the other one is right. Your mind is going back and forth – what if the other answer is correct? I think I’ve read that before. That’s mainly because all kinds of information get mixed in your mind while you are studying. This way, you find it impossible to differentiate between two concepts, which are so much alike.

Of course, you’ve studied your course in detail. So, what is it that goes in the way of getting that part of your exam right? That’s because many students don’t have enough time to review their studying notes. Mix that with anxiety and you’ll see that it’s not a good recipe for getting a good grade.

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