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We could refer to math optimization problems as projects, given their level of difficulty. When it comes to such an assignment, you aren’t required to come up with a singular solution to the problem, but present multiple solutions, and establish which of them is most suitable for a given scenario.  

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How to Deal with Your Math Optimization Problems. Comprehending the concept

While grasping the basic concept of optimization isn’t difficult, when it comes to optimization projects, the difficulty is tripled. However, let’s try to explain how it works. For instance, the moment you are assigned a math problem, you might reckon that there is more than one way of solving that particular problem, but how do you settle which one works best? Let’s have a closer look at an example.

You are required to determine 33 percent of a particular number. You might be thinking of at least three alternatives for solving this problem.

  • Firstly, we’ll begin by multiplying the given number – 60, by 33. This is the first solution, which is rather simple if you have a trusty calculator, or with your own calculating talents.
  • Solution number two is the following: 10 percent of 60 is easy to find out, by moving the decimal point. Hence, 10 percent of 60 is 6. In order to obtain 30 percent, we’ll just multiply 6 by 3, which is 18. Next, we have to find out what is 3 percent of 60, and, afterward, add it to 18. 1 percent of 60 is 6. Next, we multiply 6 by 3 and obtain 1.8. We add 1.8 to 18, and the answer we get is 19.8.
  • The third solution applies in the case in which you aren’t required to come up with an exact solution. 33 percent of a particular number is 1/3 of it. Hence, if we divide 60 by 3, we obtain 20, which is close to the answer we’ve achieved by using the second solution.

When optimization becomes increasingly difficult

Without fear of contradiction, in your college years, your optimization projects won’t look nothing like the example outlined above. Suddenly, the concept grows in difficulty and becomes almost impossible to comprehend. However, unfortunately, these kinds of assignments are commonly met in economics, business, and computer science classes, not only in mathematics. So you might be caught off guard, and have no idea how to tackle such a project.

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