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Education is featured by numerous assignments, varying in difficulty. One of the most frequently assigned is known as problem research. Such a project is typically met in math courses, and it is meant to sharpen the student’s analytical thinking, in the chosen topic. There are cases in which the teacher will select the subject, while, in others, the student will be required to do this step.

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Difficulties while working on your problem research project

When you’re acquainted with the topic you have to develop, the problem research project may be moving along nicely, and you might be happy with the way in which you’re making progress. For starters, it’s primordial to pinpoint the problem you wish to expand your project on. It’s important to present it in a clear and concise way, as your instructor expects.

The next step – the research – is of equal importance. You have to work on a literature review, which means you have to develop attentive research before starting the writing process. As the name of the project already implies, research lies at the foundation of a successful project of this kind. By doing that, you’ll find out what other people have discovered in the quest towards finding a solution to a significant problem. This step is of considerable importance, and you need to consult reliable sources only. It’s essential to bear in mind that you needn’t focus on re-inventing the wheel, as some might say.

The following step requires you to consider the possibilities you aim at testing. The style of the language has to be as clear as possible; you need to portray your findings and ideas in a manner that catches the attention of the reader, keeping him/her interested in the matters you are outlining.

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