How To Write The Best Dissertation
December 07, 2016
Wide how to write the best dissertation

It's the time most students dread - time to start thinking about your dissertation. It feels as though it's looming over you, but in fact writing your dissertation isn't much harder than writing a regular assignment. If you feel you're struggling though, this guide is for you. It will go through what you need, how to structure your dissertation, and give you lots of tips to make sure you do the best you can.

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Essay: Does technology make us more alone?
July 20, 2016
Wide essay does technology make us more alone

Our generation is overdosing on digital media. Members of the community are lacking from everything that makes them human – weaknesses, imperfections, fragility… all that we see are the manipulated, faultless versions of people online. I can’t help but think that, in this new technologically advanced era, we are more alone than ever.

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Do Research Without Spending a Minute in the Library
June 16, 2016
Wide how to do research for your paper without spending a minute in the library

Research is the most dreaded part when it comes to an academic assignment – dare to contradict me. It’s time-consuming, laborious, and tiresome, and it can occupy numerous hours of your precious spare time, which is already rather limited. Research means spending hour after hour in the library, browsing for scholarly materials that are relevant to your project, and making photocopies for you to study afterward in detail.

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