Argumentative Essay: How-To, Structure, Examples, Topics

Posted: 25 May, 2017

Argumentative Essay: How-To, Structure, Examples, Topics

If you've been tasked with writing an argumentative essay, you're in the right place. This how to guide will show you what such an essay looks like, how they're planned and written, and some examples to give you an idea of how they look. Read on to find out more.

Table Of Contents

  1. What is Argumentative Essay?
  2. Argumentative Essay Structure
  3. How to Write Argumentative Essay
  4. Argumentative Essay Topics
  5. Argumentative Essay Examples

What is Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is quite similar to a persuasive essay, as it's designed to convince the reader of your point of view. The difference is while a persuasive essay may have a certain viewpoint, the argumentative essay will expand on it. For example, a persuasive essay will say that cities should take up more recycling programs. An argumentative essay will say why a certain city should do so, and give examples of how they could do so.

Argumentative Essay Structure

If you've been asked to argue for a certain point of view, you'll need to explore your reasons for supporting it, as well as refuting the claims against it. Here's how you could outline your essay:

  • Introduction: Introduce your point of view, and explain how you're going to prove that you're in the right.
  • Thesis: Here's where you bring in your main point of view. Going with the recycling example, this could be along the lines of 'This city should take up more recycling initiatives, at it can clean up streets and reduce waste by 30%.' This should be backed up by good quality research that could come from essay writing service.
  • Opposing claims: Pick the most important claims against your argument, and take them down. Make it clear why they don't work, and show your research.
  • Your viewpoint: Then, you'll need to argue for your own viewpoint. Show why your side is the winning one, and why.
  • Conclusion: Wrap up your main points, without introducing anything new.

How to Write Argumentative Essay

  • Do your research: Go look for research that supports your argument. Take notes, so you can easily reference the best pieces of research easily when you're writing.
  • Create an outline: Plan out your essay. Write in your main points, and the points that you're planning to debunk.
  • Start writing: Start wherever is easiest, as the order you write in won't matter. Try writing in your introduction last.
  • Edit and proofread: Check your essay over before you hand it in, to edit out any easily overlooked mistakes.

Argumentative Essay Topics

Topics for this type of essay can vary a lot, as any subject can use this format. As a rule though, they can often be hot button topics. For example, they could include abortion, border control issues, and the death penalty.

Argumentative Essay Examples

If you want to try writing an argumentative essay yourself, try using one of these example questions:

  • 'Should marijuana be legalized in the UK?'
  • 'Do children suffer if they only have one parent?'
  • 'Are all charities equally deserving?'

Try giving these topics a go, and writing a few argumentative essays yourself. You'll soon have the skills to write great grading essays, every time.