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I’m in between careers now, switching from teaching to web development. The hard thing is writing admissions for a completely new field of study. With the help of Boom Essays I managed to complete my admission essay in 3 days.

Admission essay

I wanted to write about so many things all in one short essay. Thank you, Boom Essays for opening my eyes and telling me I should not limit my creative thought to just one essay, haha. Fixed the structure for me and made an outline for another paper from what have been cut from the original text. Amazing!


All nighters are no fun! And I never really got past the hallucinations and leg twitching they speak about on the internet. I never even got TO it, thankfully. But I really need to revise my daily routine and sort through the papers I have due, the sooner the better. Boom Essays do much help.

Research paper

Being a foreign student is not an easy thing. I have to spend all my time working and earning money. Im so freaking tired… But not now!) Now I have VipEssayService for me to take care of my essays and research papers)


Received cool descriptions for my product cards. My team likes them too, hope the customers will as well. Thanks to the supports, they gave answers to all my questions straight away and didn’t even try to say something like: it’s written on the website (I never read the faq’s, too long).


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