The Principal

Posted: December 12, 2018





The Principal

The Principle, SBS series stirred by Alex Dimitriades is a depiction of activities associated with the notion of realism. When Alex, who has been a deputy head teacher in a girls school, was promoted to his former boy’s high school, he felt very optimistic, hoping to turn around the schools known for violence, drug abuse and other socially unaccepted behaviors among teenagers.

His reception is not that good even among the teaching fraternity, but his hopes of turning the school around give him the spirit to look for solutions. He engages the community which supports him in turn, but as soon as things seem to be progressive, the worst happens - a school boy is found dead on the playground. The teachers ensure that the students do not come in contact with the body for fear of chaos erupting. The Principal’s approach, which was a bit radical, does not seem to be working with this generation of youth.

The movies brings to light the issues related to realism. As opposed to how things used to be in the principal’s times, now the situation is different. The young people have become radical, engaging in behaviors that were not there during the principal’s time. The series tries to show what detachment from realism can bring, major and unending conflicts in institutions and among generations. The principal’s radical approach does not work, the contemporary generation is different, the thinking is different and the principal probably has one option, which is to embrace reality and work on realistic solutions.

The overall setting and plot of the series corroborate the main topic of the movie that times have changed and the best way to deal with changes is move with time, solve problems according to context and be ready to face resistance.