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When I decided to go back to college, I had to catch up all the time. Unfortunately, it went along with remote learning and all these stupid Zoom sessions. I couldn't understand anything and just failed task after task. If not for Boom Essays, I would just get expelled from my course. I have done several essays in the past and even did my annotated bibliography. They come up with fresh references and help you to save time. It also has some grammar and style fixing. Thank you so much!

Annotated Bibliography

Majoring in Journalism, I always find it challenging to avoid plagiarism when I paraphrase. If you have tried the TurnItIn system, you will always get trapped because it won't like your paraphrasing. Thankfully, this company's writers (or at least the ones I've tried) have no problems with being unique. I had good similarity reports even for those tasks when you have three to five sources per two pages. Most importantly, it is affordable when you need to get your stuff done.

Reflective Journal

I usually do my college tasks on my own but it is not always possible when you are a college athlete and must follow your training schedule. I approach Boom Essays for proofreading. For example, when I have repetitions and weak parts, I just tell my assistant to look for these mistakes. It is always good when you have someone because you always get used to what you wrote. When you have someone look through your assignments, it is a great time-saver that doesn't break the bank.


I am a dyslexic student who uses special writing tools all the time to avoid mistakes. However, when you are posting debates on an online campus, it just won't work and you have to cope without those tools that you are familiar with. I have tried various solutions and they did not work for me. I have tried this company when my friend has recommended it to me. They are a bit steep regarding their prices but it always comes down to your deadline. I always have it urgent, which is why it is a bit too high for me.


As an educator for special needs students, I had to conduct a specific research paper. I did not need a classic essay but needed someone experienced to have a look through my drafts and come up with a good research paper methodology. My writer had patience with me and has helped me to find the most efficient solution. It has already been included in my price, I mean the negotiations part. They are truly professional. Thank you so much for your care!

Research Paper Methodology

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